Another contest by Baby hat+Booties

Hey guys! It’s been quite awhile since the last post! I was a bit occupied by my orders actually, a big order from a baby shop for my bootees. I’ll post about it later in another post. Anyway, currently I’m participating a contest by in FB.

I made a new Baby Mohawk beanie matching with the baby boy sneakers that I’ve made previously. It’s quite similar to the custom order by one of my customer last year which was for adult Mohawk Beanie . This is just the mini version of it and the Mohawk can stand too! =).

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Art for Grabs + KL Alternative Bookfest at Annexe Gallery

Last Saturday, I went to Art for Grabs at Annexe Gallery near Central Market with Zam. It’s a bazaar where people can sell their art/craft stuff & even literature/art books for the KL Alternative Bookfest. Miyyah (Miyyah@Kertas), Saza (ShareYourLoveWithCards), Nirwana (My Glass Cubicle) & Dura were there selling their craft & artwork. The crowd were ok & not too pack, so actually we can slowly browse every booth there. It was fun & a lot of the visitors really appreciate art & crafts! Here’s some snapshot that I took there:

Overview of the craft & art section.
Miyyah & Saza booth selling their paper work! There are plenty of pretty & cool cards, toppers, magnets, albums & even paper miniatures.

 Miyyah’s neighbour, Nirwana (MyGlassCubicle) who helped to look after Miyyah’s & Saza booth when there are not around & Durra who was busy preparing fabric dye paint for sale. I love to see Dura’s gorgeous artwork + T-shirts & Nirwana’s cute knit baby booties! 

 There are some familiar faces in the bazaar like Individium & Juxta Arts. But one that I haven’t meet in person is Reita Rahim from Gerai OA. I knew her from FB & she was really a nice lady =).   She helped in running the Gerai OA. 
What is Gerai OA? Taken from FB: “It’s a volunteer- run, nomadic stall selling crafts, books, CDs & DVDs on the Orang Asal (indigenous minorities) of Malaysia. 100% of the sales money is returned to the artisan, business or NGOs.”
I bought two pretty bead bracelets by the Rungus (indegenous of Sabah) =) Love them!

After the Art for Grabs, I went to Ampang Park with Zam & his lady friend to buy some yarns. Here’s what I had there for an early dinner!

 My Favorite Asam Laksa (Rice noodle with tonnes of chunky sardine meat, pineapple, cucumber etc in sour fish soup)! Yum! But I still prefer the Asam Laksa taste at the Jusco MidValley’s =D.

My 1st ATC: Mangosteenskin Butterfly ATC Swap

CI was excited to join Mangosteenskin’s 2nd ATC swap themed Butterfly as she gave a green light for other medium (besides drawing & painting) to participate! Thanks Mango! I know it’s really a late post as the due was 1st of May! I’ve actually finished them in March!

Anyway compare to my friends ATC like MikyLayna & Namizam, their work are amazingly stunning! Here’s my not so stunning first butterfly ATC which somewhat has a dark & gloomy look =P
Oh ya, if you thinking what the heck is ATC, you can check out here for more details 😉

My three Butterfly ATC. I always love to mix my technique. You can see I have embroidery, beading,crochet & cro-tat technique here & there.

Had you guys participated in any ATC swap before? =)

A Fun Weekend in Putrajaya

Last Sunday I went to Putrajaya with Mikko & Miyyah to checkout our crafter friends & ACG member booth. I went there with Mikko & we planned to meetup with Miyyah at the Belia market in the 1 Million Youth Gathering Day(3 days event). The event was humungous! There were tents of several pavilion from each Minister Office in the Putrajaya (BTW Putrajaya is the federal administrative for Malaysia).  Initially Mikko & me didn’t know where exactly the market is so we parked at the pink mosque in Presint 1, eventually we walked thru all the tents until Presint 4 where the Belia market is! I’ve checked the google map and it was 2.5km (around 30min) walk under the hot noon sun! The tiredness was nearly forgotten after we reached our destination! We 3 had much fun looking around the booths, meetup with some of our crafter friends & ACG member Adam & Shahril selling their fashion stuff (frugal mugal) and also snapping tonnes of fun photos there! Most of them in Miyyah’s camera, will try to get the photo from her as soon as she uploaded them!. Here’s some photo (not much) that I took with my camera =)

 Fun posing with the Lomo wall by a LomoKids Malaysia at the Belia Market. The wall was really pretty with all the colourful lomo photos! I too play with camera from Lomography but not that active. I have a Fisheye 2, Supersampler & Fuji Instax poloroid camera. If you are wondering what is Lomography, basically is analogue photography. You can checkout more info on it from the Lomography site.
After the fun adventure in the Belia Market, we went down to Alamanda Mall to have our lunch & dessert! Here some photo of us enjoying our ice cream!

 So what did you do last weekend?

Paper Crafter V2 Get-together by Miyyah

The Paper crafter V2 get-together by Miyyah was on the same day with the Norlie’s felt class at the school. After finishing the class all of us went to Eco Cents at Damansara Ara where her get-together was held. The Eco cents is a store where they sell vintage clothing from Japan. You can checkout their FB page here & blog page here.
Checkout some photos of the get-together:

Mikko, Sabrina, Norlie, Zam & me at the get-together after the class. 
We 5 are completely different type of crafter (we are loud & busybody) compare to the real paper crafter where they sit quietly, concentrate making their fabulously gorgeous cards! You can compare our table & their table from the photo! =) 
  Here’s some photo of the end product from the paper crafters & the paparazzi busy taking photo. Absolutely gorgeous don’t you think? 
I’ve only made the paper pin & the punch frog (the quilling leaves are by Zam =P). 

It was definitely fun to have crafters get-together no matter what type of crafter you are. You can learn a lot from sharing & watching what each other is good in. 

February Craft Activities: Norlie’s Felt Class for SK Puchong Utama 3

A very late post on my craft activities that I’ve involved in February. One of it was helping Norlie’s felt craft for SK Puchong Utama 3 school kids in the morning of 26th February. Checkout the photos of the activities.

Teacher Norlie, Zam, Mikko & me busy teaching the kids how to sew felt into hairclip & strap.
Teacher Sabrina teach the teachers group. I managed to teach the only boys group in the class & they did very well in sewing the felt although it was their first time holding the needle! They did a really great job in sewing the monster strap while other groups (all girls) were busy making flower & heart shape strap =).
It was definitely a fun experience teaching kids how to sew felt.

MFK on The 8TV Quickie! – The report

Hi guys! This is another long due post! I know it’s nearly 3 weeks since the show! Yes, as you all know from my previous post, I was invited to be a guest on The 8TV Quickie on the 1st March. My good crafter friend Rebecca aka Mikko from Craftzmaniac accompanied me there for my first live TV show. Thanks Mikko!

Anyway here’s some photos behind the scene by Mikko.

 The studio setting was cute & cozy with tonnes of doodles on the opposite wall!
Photo credit to Mikko.

Here’s the videoclip of the show on tv taken by Kak Chik from thelittleBIGshots.

Videoclip credit to Kak Chik. Show credit to the 8TV Quickie.
You can check out the archived show at
Don’t you think both Zher & Megan do looked really cute in the beanies? =D.

It was certainly an awesome first experience to be on a cool & urban TV show with the 8TV Quickie team.

A big thanks to Akma who invited me to the show which was really a great surprised when I received her email on the invitation, Zher & Megan for making me not so nervous on the show (very pretty & cool ladies) , and all the 8TV Quickie team. You all are so awesome in your work especially on how you guys handle the 15min show with efficiency, everyday! Kudos!

Last but not least,  thanks to my family, friends, crafter friends, customer & fan of MFK who had given the a super great support on me for all these while since I’ve started MFK last year until now.

Oh I’ve prepared some freebies on the show for the callers & I hope they have received them safely =)