New crochet orchid design: Inspired from the Cattleya

I’ve did this new design around end of last year. Inspired from an cattleya orchid I saw at the MAHA expo, Serdang, where many orchid plants was on sale. I did several trial with different type of yarn with the designs too. Check out some of the orchid photos I took at MAHA and also my new orchid design. 

Here’s my inspiration and my first crochet orchid design from acrylic yarn.
My 2nd & 3rd on the same orchid design but with different type of yarn. Medium weight acrylic & light weight cotton yarn.
Below are some of the orchids photos I took at MAHA last year. Aren’t they pretty? =)

Orchid Garden

This was ordered by my senpai (uni senior) Kak Fit to attach on her project. She ordered the kids crochet top dress previously here.

Here’s the Orchids I’ve made for her.

These beauties are only around 5cm in diameter which is smaller compare to my previous Orchids (7cm). She also requested some leaves with the Orchids.
I’m eager to she the outcome of her project with the Orchids =)

F’dyHana Brooch, Keychain, Strap & U-pin Orders!

I got some orders before Raya for my F’dyHana OoHana, TatyHana & also my new Orchid. =)

Intan ordered several colours of OoHana & TatyHana keychain & strap.
Sheena ordered red & black Oohana pin+brooch & a black U-pin Orchid.

Saharatulliana ordered a pink & white Orchid brooches.
My friend Taty ordered a white Orchid U-pin.
Thanks for your order! Hope you guys like the F’dyHanas =)

Experiment: My New Design – The Orchid

It struck me to crochet Orchids after I’ve stumbled some orchid crochet patterns on the net. I’ve search some photos of the real orchids & managed to design this with my crochet:

It took me around half an hour to finished one of these orchids! I love them & now I can’t stop making them!

I think it would be great on a hair bun or even as a brooch.
What do you think guys?

Wavy Painter’s Hat Orders

 This is my first 2 orders of my new design Wavy Painter’s Hat:

This red painter’s hat was ordered by Kak Lin (repeat customer). She requested white Oohana with gold button pin to attach on the hat.

This brown one was ordered by JoLynn.

Both has safely reached to their owners a couple of weeks ago. Hope they enjoy their new hats! =D

New Designs : Kids Coral Beret & Coral Beanie with Visor

This is another order that I’ve managed to complete during the CNY holidays. Both ordered by Azila for both of her lil princesses. It’s the first time I’ve made a Coral Beret for kids which is slightly smaller compare to the adult size. I’ve also design a new beanie with visor too, Coral Beanie with visor. The Oohanas was attached permanently to the both beanies as her request. Check out the outcome:

The Coral Beret Beanie is exactly the same design that my lil sis wore in my previous post here but slightly smaller.

She said both of her girls love it. Thanks! =D

Here’s a photo comparing the adult & kids size Coral Beret Beanie =)

Colourful Pink Coral Beret Beanie

A custom order by Jaclyn who wanted a Coral Beret with shades of pink. It’s the first time I’ve mix this much colour in an adult beret beanie =). Quite challenging & fun to do. She also requested an lilac OoHana pin with turquoise acrylic beads to go with the beanie.

    Hope she’ll enjoy wearing this beanie =)