A Little Late Birthday Present for My Good Friend

A F’dyShawl for my good friend Amal who celebrated her birthday on the 31st Dec. For her, I embellished a rose pink jersey shawl with some crochet edging.

Compare to the 1st shawl, this one was with a different pattern edging mix brown & red shell with clear rainbow beads. I’ve also hand-sewn my label on it =).
What do you think about this edging?


New MFK Design in the House: The F’dyShawl!

This is one of my new idea which I think it’s new that no one had tried it before. But do tell me if there’s anyone had tried the exactly same thing before. Combining crochet with shawl =).
It’s really suitable for anyone who wears a head scarf & like something really new + different.

The idea came to me as I was googling for crochet edging patterns. After some research, looking for a nice material for the shawl & sizing with the help of my friend Amal, I’ve managed to finish a prototype. I’ve used jersey material for the shawl which I’ve cut it myself & some crochet thread+beads for the edging. So here’s my first F’dyShawl design:

I used the bead crochet technique so no sewing of bead are needed which makes the beads won’t go off easily. I choose a contra colour yarn with the fabric so that the crochet will stand out. It took me quite some time as I need to do some hand stitch before crochet. This need to be really tidy as it will effect the tidiness of the crochet part later if it’s not. I just crochet one side of the shawl.

 I gave this first shawl to my friend Nas who is going for Haj, as a farewell gift.

Hope that she will have a good spiritual journey to Mekkah & return safely to Malaysia =)
I will try to design more later for F’dyShawl. So stay tune~