Rose Hairties & Hairclips

These are last minute before ‘raya’ or Eid Mubarak orders from Ijah who is my colleague & was my previous housemate. She ordered some rose hairties & hairclips for her nieces as additional to ‘duit raya’ or ‘pocket money’.

 The Rose hairties.
 The Rose snapclips.
Thanks Ijah for your order! =)  Hope it will look great on the kids!


Crazy about Pom Pom – Hairtie

Lately I’m too crazy about pom poms. I do not know why but then it’s just fun to see the fluffiness of the pompom after trimming them. I’ve used my own DIY template to make them. It turned out not so round but I just let it be. Anyway I did a bunch of pom poms for hairtie last week which I will be selling at the bazaar on the 1st of August. Here’s the pom pom hairtie:

 My gigantic (~5cm) Pom pom hairtie =)

F’dyHana Rose on Hair Tie

I’m back from my ‘balik kampung’ (back to hometown trip) Kuching Sarawak last Sunday. I had a wonderful time relaxing at home, relieved my craving for Sarawak food like mee kolok+laksa sarawak+tea C special & spending one whole week with my mum, brothers, sister & my Pdy. Missing them already =(.
With all the relaxing time, I’ve also managed to finished some orders & create new stuff. I’ll will update all of them in this week 😉

The week before I went back to Kuching, I managed to make my first hair tie using F’dyHana Rose. This one I made some leaves & attached them with the Rose. So here’s my new F’dyHana Rose with leaves on a hair tie:

 The grey rose with leaves hair tie. I think the grey colour makes the rose look more classic.

Here’s how the rose looks like when tie it for a pony tail.
What do you think?