Experiment: Another batch of MFK Design Blairs!

Here’s another batch of wrap crochet headband that I did. This time I’ve used a smaller headband with teeth & play around with beads for the embellishment. Here’s the outcome:

Crocheted blue sew with gunmetal round beads.
 Crocheted brown sew with bronze rice beads.

 Crocheted grey sew with metallic metal chain.

Crocheted pink sew with silver rice beads.

What do you think of my new design blairs? =)


Experiment: Cool Chick Crocheted Headband!

An attempt to try something new! Recently I’m sorta obsess with headband after looking at our proud Malaysian (from Sarawak) Sereni & Shentel‘s gorgeous handmade headbands quite sometime ago!
Well this motivates me to make some of my own designs using yarns. Here’s my few attempts of making my own crochet blairs:

 Crocheted with blue yarn & sew on some stardust flat back.

Crocheted with light grey yarn & sew on with metallic chain.

  Crocheted with gunmetal round beads in dark grey.
I just love making them & I’ll be making more soon. 
What do you think of my additional accessories in my wardrobe? =)

Baby Flower Hat & Bow Headband

An order by my colleague Aisha. She ordered a baby flower hat & a bow headband for her 4 months new born niece’s ‘Majlis Cukur Jambul’, an event to celebrate new born into the family. So here’s the photo of her order:

She requested a brown mix yarn hat with a cute tricolour OoHana. The colour patches of the mix yarn looked bigger compare to my 2nd flower hat for toddler here as the hat  is smaller.

Here’s her order for a bow headband. It’s the first time I make a rose pink colour band & it turned out great!
Thanks Aisha for your order =)

More Bow Headbands & Plain Beanie

These are the 3rd order from Ratemie. She ordered another 2 bow headbands & a plain beanie for her cousin. So here’s her order:

 She ordered another same colour bow headband from previous order & another one red with with lining.

Here’s the plain beanie for her cousin. The background is my old Steinmeyer piano at home Kuching.

Thanks Tam for your orders! Hope it will look great on the kids & your cousin =)

New Shell Beanie & Bow Headbands For Kids

Kak Asma’ a colleague of mine, ordered a couple of bow headbands & a beanie for her girl Irdina last month. I’ve designed a new beanie for her which I called the Shell beanie. Here’s the new kids beanie & the headbands that she ordered:

Here’s the headbands: One thick with 2 buttons & another one thin with a button. 
Both with maroon bows. The thick headband was attached with a larger bow for balance & the thin headband was attached with the normal size bow that I always make. I think even adult will look cute wearing these =)
Here’s the new design Shell Beanie attached with a cute Oohana with cute pink button middle. Hope Irdina will like the beanie.
I think the design would be also suitable for adults with more elegant flower or without it =)

Simple Bow Headband – custom

Here’s an order from my friend Ratemie. This is her second order after the simple beanie which are a bow headband & some rose pins. She wanted a soft colour bow shades of pink & purple so I’ve designed a new pattern bow for her.

Closeup of the bow headband. The band is the thin type, fasten & adjustable using a button.

Here’s the bow headband with 4 F’dyHana Rose pins =)