Yay! Finally MisFydkrafts new site is LIVE!
It took me so long to set up & edit all the photos to the webpage.
So now you can have visit to my new online store www.misfydkrafts.com.my  =)
Let me know what you think.


Crochet Keyring with Cross Stitch/Embroidery

Here’s a new hot item originally from MFK. The crochet keyring or keychain custom with cross stitch / embroidery name.

Dr Faz wanted a set of couple keyring for her couple friend as a gift. She also requested extra deco at the back with the couple’s name & a heart which I’ve used handcut heart felt & sew onto it. The name are from metalic yarn.

Do contact me (f.dy.accessories@gmail.com) if you like me to custom a special one for you! =)

New design baby set : The simple baby boy crochet set

This is an order by my ex-RPKJ batch mate (prep course to Japan), Fiena’s order for her new born baby boy. I’ve designed a new simple design of beanie & booties for her order.

She just delivered her baby boy and I hope that she’ll like all the 3 sets. =)

This set is RM70. Size available for newborn only. To order, you can email me at f.dy.accessories@gmail.com or click at the order form at the tab above.

Bunny Bow & Button Strap Bootees : Order by Supermak Shop

This is the first order of the year and also the first bulk order for bootees that I received. =) I was approached by Kak Nad the owner of Supermak Shop, and she ordered 16 pairs of bootees / booties (various colour & sizes) for her online & offline shop. It took me around 4 weeks to complete!  Here’s some of the completed bootees photos:


Bunny Bow Baby Girl Bootees. Name it as such as I always imagined cute little bunnies when I see them =)

Button Strap Baby Girl Bootees.
Here’s the packed booties.
I’ve delivered them to the shop personally =)

Another contest by BenangKait.com: Baby hat+Booties

Hey guys! It’s been quite awhile since the last post! I was a bit occupied by my orders actually, a big order from a baby shop for my bootees. I’ll post about it later in another post. Anyway, currently I’m participating a contest by BenangKait.com in FB.

I made a new Baby Mohawk beanie matching with the baby boy sneakers that I’ve made previously. It’s quite similar to the custom order by one of my customer last year which was for adult Mohawk Beanie . This is just the mini version of it and the Mohawk can stand too! =).

Do help me to vote LIKE to support my original work by clicking this LINK and LIKE my photo. =D

MFK on The 8TV Quickie! – The report

Hi guys! This is another long due post! I know it’s nearly 3 weeks since the show! Yes, as you all know from my previous post, I was invited to be a guest on The 8TV Quickie on the 1st March. My good crafter friend Rebecca aka Mikko from Craftzmaniac accompanied me there for my first live TV show. Thanks Mikko!

Anyway here’s some photos behind the scene by Mikko.

 The studio setting was cute & cozy with tonnes of doodles on the opposite wall!
Photo credit to Mikko.

Here’s the videoclip of the show on tv taken by Kak Chik from thelittleBIGshots.

Videoclip credit to Kak Chik. Show credit to the 8TV Quickie.
You can check out the archived show at tonton.com.my
Don’t you think both Zher & Megan do looked really cute in the beanies? =D.

It was certainly an awesome first experience to be on a cool & urban TV show with the 8TV Quickie team.

A big thanks to Akma who invited me to the show which was really a great surprised when I received her email on the invitation, Zher & Megan for making me not so nervous on the show (very pretty & cool ladies) , and all the 8TV Quickie team. You all are so awesome in your work especially on how you guys handle the 15min show with efficiency, everyday! Kudos!

Last but not least,  thanks to my family, friends, crafter friends, customer & fan of MFK who had given the a super great support on me for all these while since I’ve started MFK last year until now.

Oh I’ve prepared some freebies on the show for the callers & I hope they have received them safely =)