Bunny Bow & Button Strap Bootees : Order by Supermak Shop

This is the first order of the year and also the first bulk order for bootees that I received. =) I was approached by Kak Nad the owner of Supermak Shop, and she ordered 16 pairs of bootees / booties (various colour & sizes) for her online & offline shop. It took me around 4 weeks to complete!  Here’s some of the completed bootees photos:


Bunny Bow Baby Girl Bootees. Name it as such as I always imagined cute little bunnies when I see them =)

Button Strap Baby Girl Bootees.
Here’s the packed booties.
I’ve delivered them to the shop personally =)


Another contest by BenangKait.com: Baby hat+Booties

Hey guys! It’s been quite awhile since the last post! I was a bit occupied by my orders actually, a big order from a baby shop for my bootees. I’ll post about it later in another post. Anyway, currently I’m participating a contest by BenangKait.com in FB.

I made a new Baby Mohawk beanie matching with the baby boy sneakers that I’ve made previously. It’s quite similar to the custom order by one of my customer last year which was for adult Mohawk Beanie . This is just the mini version of it and the Mohawk can stand too! =).

Do help me to vote LIKE to support my original work by clicking this LINK and LIKE my photo. =D

New design baby pump for my good friend

My good friend Amal recently has given birth to a cute baby girl Alia. I was invited to her ‘kenduri Aqiqah’ which is a bless occasion to celebrate the new born. I decided to crochet something, so I made a pair of baby booties aka pump for Alia. A new design after the first baby pump I did for a contest here =)
The same colour as the previous one, but this time I tried to do something different which I inspired from the normal adult flat shoes. I bet you’ve seen this design pump before with buckles or button.
Photo credit to: Farah Hana from FB
When Alia try on the baby pump =)

Paper Quilling Adventure with Miyyah

Last 2 months ago, I did some paper quilling adventure with Miyyah from Miyyah@Kertas along with Mikko (Craftzmaniac), Saza (shareyourlovewithcards) & Shah. Here’s the outcome =)

The 1st card I did it was at the mamak stall in Bangsar at night – with Miyyah & Mikko.
The 2nd time (a bit crazy with my freestyle doodle) was at the The Gardens food court – with Miyyah, Mikko, Saza & Shah.
It was really fun! Thanks Miyyah! =D

Practicing My Lace/Thread Crochet

Last few weeks ago, I went to the Art & Crafts Guild  (ACG) Potluck Steamboat party in conjunction to ACG’s 18th birthday at Jane’s (our ACG president’s) place. We had so much fun talking, munching, sharing ideas & prezzie swap. Each of us need to bring an item handmade by ourselves for the swap & I brought my crochet beaded double wrap bracelet for the swap.

Double wrap crochet beaded bracelet, black with blue shinny beads.
The ACG 18th Birthday cake!

I was lucky enough to get some yummy thread from Kak Zarina, who is the only one that I know who dyes her own thread! Her hand dyed thread (HDT) have really nice colours! The name of this thread is Orchid Garden. Check out her blog for more of her work checkout ConcerningZarina.  I tried to crochet some flower with the thread and here’s the outcome.

It took me quite a while to finish this small flower! The size is around 3cm in diameter. I just love the colour! =D

Sew Along Bag Organizer

It was my first time joining a sew along bag organizer which was organized by a crafty group that I joined a few months back. Most of the members do sewing & they have really nice sewing machine compare to me which I have non. Although I’m planning to buy one in the future but it won’t be too soon =) Anyway, here’s what I did for the sew along, a hand sewn bag organizer:

 I made a size that can fit my work bag that I use everyday. I’ve used a cereal box for the inner part & cover it with some denim fabric. I also sew both side with some pockets for small & loose items.
Now I’m still using it for my work bag =)