Flower Vine Necklace

The first order for my flower vine necklace by Wan. I’ve changed the designed a bit as she wanted to put more flower. So here’s the necklace:

  Initially she wanted 2 flowers but I’ve added another different design flower (freestyle) to balance the flower bunch.
BTW Marta from Creative Yarn has started blogging again! I got this flower vine necklace inspiration from her free pattern the white flower necklace. I’ve adopted the idea design & changed the pattern. She’s is a great crocheter & knitter who shares her great free pattern. Do check out her blog =) 


Flower Vine Necklace

Another adaptation from Marta’s white flower necklace, I’ve made one with my personal touch :).
I used green & brown yarn for the vine leaves & light brown with an orange button for the flower. A crochet ring behind the flower is use to slip in the vine.

What do you think about this one?

Simple String Headband

After one & another, based on Marta’s creations, I’ve tried to make a string headband with a slight different from hers.
The same stitches as the previous post simply string necklace but slightly longer version to fit my head. Actually the string headband can also be use as a necklace too & vice versa. Here’s the string headband:

 The rose pink string headband.
I combined four crochet string, make a button loop & sew a button to fasten.
 It can also be a longer version string necklace compare to the first one that I’ve made 🙂
What do you think about this one?

Simple String Necklace

Inspired by Marta’s Creative Yarn again I made my own string necklace. Marta’s shared the pattern to everyone (She’s nice) but I still can’t really understand the crochet terms. So I just made it up myself. Struggled a bit on how to end the necklace but somehow managed to complete the necklace. So here’s my new necklace!

Tadaaaa!! My new brown string necklace with a nice button to fasten it 🙂

Crochet Bow

Everyone loves ribbons or bow. So I tried to google on how to crochet ribbon or bow  & found out a great blog on crochet. Marta is from Italy & she’s a very nice person where she like to share her great crochet & knitting to everyone. Her blog name is CreativeYarn. Her work inspires me a lot on my creations. Thanks Marta!

Some of her creations which are the necktie with a bow & headband with bow are so cool. So I try to make one myself with different stitches of my own as I can’t really understand the crochet language :p. So here they are:

My first bow!Not that neat but I think the 2nd & 3rd one are much better. 
The black crochet necktie with a red bow.
 The black headband with a green bow.
Voila!My new creations inspired by Marta 🙂