Another version of MFK Name Card

This is the newer version of MFK name card that I’ve been working on these few days. I wanted to make a black colour name card but of course my printer can’t print white. So I’ve decided to carved my details on an eraser stamp (my previous post) & stamp on the the card using the ink stamp pad that I’ve bought from Scrap.n.Crop. Here’s the outcome:

To make it different, I’ve put a touch of crochet on the cards =)
I still have my old cards. Why need to waste them. To give them a new look, I’ve also gave them the crochet touch too =D
What do you think about my new cards?


When Crafters Meet @ a Craftstore – Scrap.n.Crop

An unplanned meet up of my paper crafter (Miyyah from Miyyah@kertas, Saza from ShareYourLoveWithCards) & felt crafter friends (Norlie from SekociNorlie, Azza from ChomelCraft) at a local store Scrap.n.Crop which sells plenty of paper & scrap booking supplies! You can get nearly everything there from paper to stamp pads. Normally they sell online (from their site the largest scrapbook online store in Asia!) but they do sometimes have open days where you can checkout the items yourself. Luckily I’m not a paper crafter (yet =P) but if I am one, I’m sure will be drown by all the goodies there! Here’s some snapshot of the happy crafters in the store:

I bought some card stocks & ink pads for my new name card project =)

My Eraser Carving Mood is Back (for awhile)

I was thinking of making a new name card, so I start carving for a new eraser stamp. This time I carved my details on the eraser (7 x 3cm, largest that I have) by carving out my own handwriting. Here’s the carved eraser:

The carving was not that clean but then it’s readable (acceptable). Actually that’s my good readable handwriting. You won’t want to see my REAL handwriting. No one can read it accept me! Heheh.
So next will be mounting the eraser. I’m thinking of trying to use new stuff to mount the carved eraser (something water proof). I’ll be posting about it again if I’ve found the best material.
For this name card version, I’m aiming not to use anything that is printed out =). I hope my plan will turn out ok! 

My First Quilling Experience: Quilling Get Together V1.0 by Miyyah

I know it a super late post but I’ve decide to post it anyway =). I’ve attend a few crafter’s event this year & I’m going to post all of them within this year (I hope =P).

This is late post on the Quilling Get Together at KLCC that I’ve joined in October. It was my first time learning quilling with a few of the well-known paper crafters in Malaysia. Thanks guys for the tips on paper quilling! I’ve certainly learned at lot from you guys! So here’s some photos from my camera on that day:

We got some free biscuit from Miyyah@kertas, the organizer. We had a great time quilling & learning new tricks together. My side of the the table with Ayin & Nirwana was the most havoc which talks about anything from my lab mouse experience to Ayin’s navy. The other side was quite but very diligently making their beautiful quilling cards. My first quilling card is in the cards photo, top left 2nd (Black base with red & yellow swirl).  The other cards are from Miyyah, As, Lin, Saza, Ayin, Nirwana, Tania, Nisa, Molly, Lin

For more photos you can visit some of the link here:

Really glad to meet you all! Hope to join the next session soon~~ =D

My DIY Idea Sketch Book

This is one of my quick project which is an idea sketch book. I normally scribble my ideas on any paper that I can grab so it’s kinda here, there & everywhere. So I’ve decided to get crafty & make one rather than to buy a normal one from the stationary shop =D.

I just used things that are available for making this sketch book. Some colour A4 papers, one hole puncher, my eraser stamps, stamp pad, some yarns & crochet hook. So here’s my first handmade sketch book:

For the cover deco, I’ve stamped some patterns using my own craved eraser stamps. I bound the A4 papers by punching some holes & tied it with a yarn. From the side of the book, I tried to do some crochet edging.  Look a bit weird but then it gives the sketch book a crochet touch (the one & only) =P
Anyway, I hope that with this sketch book I can document my ideas more efficiently!
How do you guys document your ideas? 

MFK First Name Card

The making of MFK’s name card was pending quite sometime without any specific reason. Maybe I just don’t have the right mood to design it yet until last Sunday. I managed to design, print & cut around 200 cards but haven’t manage to finish stamping at the back side of the card. Here’s the new MFK name card:

 Front with logo, blog add, name & email. Back is stamped with 2 colours using my rubber stamp.
What do you think?