My Eraser Carving Mood is Back (for awhile)

I was thinking of making a new name card, so I start carving for a new eraser stamp. This time I carved my details on the eraser (7 x 3cm, largest that I have) by carving out my own handwriting. Here’s the carved eraser:

The carving was not that clean but then it’s readable (acceptable). Actually that’s my good readable handwriting. You won’t want to see my REAL handwriting. No one can read it accept me! Heheh.
So next will be mounting the eraser. I’m thinking of trying to use new stuff to mount the carved eraser (something water proof). I’ll be posting about it again if I’ve found the best material.
For this name card version, I’m aiming not to use anything that is printed out =). I hope my plan will turn out ok! 


MFK First Name Card

The making of MFK’s name card was pending quite sometime without any specific reason. Maybe I just don’t have the right mood to design it yet until last Sunday. I managed to design, print & cut around 200 cards but haven’t manage to finish stamping at the back side of the card. Here’s the new MFK name card:

 Front with logo, blog add, name & email. Back is stamped with 2 colours using my rubber stamp.
What do you think?

‘A & K’ Rubber Stamp

One of my to do list was offering myself to carve a initial rubber stamp for my friend A who is going to get married in July. I was asking her for the pattern quite sometime but she always forget as she is quite occupied with her wedding preparations. So as my hands was quite itchy to carve, I start looking for nice fonts on the net. I found some Victorian style fonts which I think would be nice for the stamps. My hand writing is not that pretty (as my History teacher in secondary school did scold me for my terrible hand writing :p), and my designing for initial is not that good either. But then still I just design it free hand based on the fonts available. Here’s the carved rubber stamps:

 Hope A & K loves it =)

My New Type of Stamp Mounting – Thank You MFK

Just finished this rubber stamp today. Started carving last night but then my eyes was too sleepy until I don’t know what I’m carving! Dangerous!Luckily I didn’t carve away the letters or my fingers :p.
Anyway this stamp is for my MisFydKrafts thank you note. As the rubber was a bit thin so I’ve used a new type of mounting that I thought of trying for a long time. Not bad I guess comparing to the normal wood mounting where you need to saw & sand it. So here’s my new rubber stamp:

In the process, after carving off the unwanted parts.

End result. Stamp it on the paper & it looks ok for me 🙂
Tadaaa~ My new mount which is from recycle cardboard box! :D. I’ve stamped on my recycle paper & glue it on top of the cardboard mounting.
Here’s the side view of my new recycle cardboard mounting. I’ve glued 3 layers of the cardboard to give some thickness. Not that bad as the cardboard edges give the stamps a bit of special touch.
The best part is that we can safe more trees & less tedious work of sawing & sanding wood mounting!
What do you think of my new type of mounting? 🙂

Rubber Stamp – Mabbits Cookies (with smiley)

Just managed to update this :p.
On Monday night, I was like crazy to make a rubber stamp. So I took Amal’s writing for her sister Iman’s Mabbits (She a young baker whose cookies are great & also she’s selling them at her myspace) which was attached on the Mabbit’s cookies that Amal gave to me. So here’s the result:

  For the top, this time I stamped on a recycles paper then glue in on the rubber stamp. This is the easiest way to deco the top for me as don’t have any wood & equipments for a proper mounting.  The eraser was kinda hard so normal paper is just fine to glue on the surface.
At least it looks presentable compare to my previous stamps. 
Hmm maybe I should try to make all my stamp with the stamped paper top next time. 
 BTW I gave this stamp to Iman for her early birthday gift 🙂

Rubber stamp – MisFydKrafts

These few days I was crazy carving some rubber stamps for MisFydKrafts. I managed to designed & finished 5 patterns. These are the patterns

  • MisFydKrafts© with blog address
  • F’dyHana©
  • Handmade by MisFyd
  • ‘Hand’ made by MisFyd with ‘Love’
  • Flower from hearts
  • Checkered button
Here are some of the process & the finished rubber stamp photos 🙂
After designing on a paper with a pencil, traced design on a suitable size eraser.
Then I just use the carving knife to crave off the unwanted part.
These are the rubber stamps that I had craved for these few days 🙂