Dizzy Swirly Swirl!

I took a challenge to make a swirl pattern using 2 different colour yarn. Without following any swirl patterns out there, I just start crochet the swirl using my imagination. Managed to create a cool 8.5cm diameter round swirl!

 Crochet the side with black yarn to make it nicer. It turns out to be a nice mug coaster!:p


Crazy Love? Crazy Heart?

Well actually crazy ‘crochet-ing’ heart :). As last Sunday was ‘kongsi’ CNY & Valentines day, browsing thru some craft blogs, I found something interesting. Crochet heart shape! It sounds challenging, so as normal my hands were itchy to try to make one. Without reading any tutorials (lazy to read as usual), I let my own crochet knowledge (not that much) & creativity do the work.
Here are some of the crochet hearts that I managed to design:

 The Red+Green+Button was the first try. The other two was just made a few hours ago :D. 
What do you think about these hearts? Actually still don’t what to use them for :p. Any ideas?
Oh nearly forgot, I’ve tried to crochet a Smiley face which was suggested by my dear Pdy. As I was crazy to try at that time (same as the heart) I made one! Not that neat but at a glance you know it’s a smiley smiley face :). I even made it into a comic strip.
Happy crafting everyone!